Russian passenger jet crashes at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport

A Russian passenger jet has crash landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, killing at least two people.

The Red Wing Airlines Tu-204 aircraft split into three pieces after sliding off a runway and crashing into a main road on Saturday, according to the Interfax news agency.

Russia‘s state news channel Vesti said the plane had a crew of 12 aboard but was not carrying passengers.

State-run RIA news agency said two people had been killed. The cause of the crash is as yet unknown. Light snow was falling in Moscow at the time.

The Tu-204 is a twin-engine, medium-range jet with a capacity of 210 passengers.

An initial report from Interfax said the plane had landed hard on a main road.

A photograph posted on the internet showed smoking wreckage on a road by the airport.

“After a hard landing, the plane split into three pieces,” Yelena Krylova, chief spokeswoman for the airport, said in a TV interview.

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