Russian Police Find 29 Mummies At Apartment

Russian police who discovered 29 mummies at the home of a local historian in Nizhny Novgorod say the man dug the bodies up from cemeteries and dressed them in clothes the he scavenged from graves.

A police video made at the man’s apartment shows a gruesome scene of what looks like dolls — dressed in bright dresses and head scarves, some with their hands and faces appearing to be wrapped in cloth.

Police said they were mummified human remains.

Police refused to name the suspect arrested last week, but  released photographs of him, gave his age as 45, and described him as a well-known specialist in the history of the city about  400 kilometers east of Moscow.

Russian media reports have identified the man as an historian who was considered the ultimate expert on cemeteries in Nizhny Novgorod.

compiled from agency reports

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