Russian prosecutor crashes into Moscow bus stop

Three pedestrians were injured after a Russian prosecutor crashed his car into a bus stop in central Moscow on Tuesday night.

The driver of the black BMW X5 and his two passengers, both aides to a Moscow district prosecutor, were also hurt in the crash which occurred just across the road from RIA Novosti’s office.

“On the night of August 10, 2011, an inspector at the Prosecutor’s Office crashed into three pedestrians at a public bus stop on Zubovsky Avenue while driving a BMW car,” the Moscow prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

All six were hospitalized.

The driver, whose name has not been released, “also damaged four parked vehicles,” the statement said. Officials said there was no alcohol in the driver’s system.

Eyewitnesses said the BMW was traveling at a high speed. 

A police investigation into the cause of the crash has been launched.

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