Russian retiree wants to annul his marriage, says never been married

An 80-year old pensioner in Russia’s Urals went to court, seeking the annulment of his marriage because, he claims, he does not remember getting married, the press service of a local court in the Chelyabinsk region reported on Wednesday.


The man had lived with his wife since1974 but their relationship soured and they broke up in 2008. Subsequently he found out that a marriage certificate of their wedding existed, which he is now seeking to have annulled.


“The appellant views this marriage as invalid as he doesn’t remember giving his approval, attending the marriage registration ceremony or signing the marriage certificate,” the court said in a statement. “He has no recollection of any of these events.”


Asked why he will not simply divorce his wife, the retiree said that if the marriage were annulled he would not have split the apartment they shared, which he had received while working at an agricultural plant.


However, the court rejected the pensioner’s claim.


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