Russian Space Systems ready for any variant of GLONASS programme

ZHUKOVSKY /the Moscow Region/, August 18 (Itar-Tass) —— Russian Space Systems /RSS/are ready for working on any variant of the GLONASS federal special programme, head of RSS, general designer of the GLONASS system, Yuri Urlichich told a news conference on Thursday.

Commenting on the statement, which head of Roskosmos Vladimir Popovkin made on Wednesday about three variants of the federal special programme to develop GLONASS, he said: “I would not like to interfere with this complex process.”

“The government should decide how it sees development of the system, and we are ready to take the heights of science and technique, which are accessible for us, and accessible is a lot,” he said.

“We are engaged in everything we believe promising – from new materials to the restoration of what we have lost after the collapse of the USSR,” he continued. Within RSS “we are doing 40,000 shunt diodes for solar batteries, we do microchips – 6,500 for spacecraft, 8,500 for aviation and 12,000 for carrier rockets and upper stages. We have to do this.”


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