Russian Stabs Fishing Buddy over Bad Catch

A man in central Siberia stabbed his fishing buddy to death after blaming him for ruining their fishing day and unlucky catch, a senior aide to the Krasnoyarsk Investigative Committee, Olga Shamanskaya, said on Thursday.


Shamanskaya said the men, both intoxicated, began arguing about the small catch in the car on the way home. The victim blamed the poor catch on the suspect because he had arrived late and they were unable to find a good fishing spot.


“In answer to the allegations, the suspect, who was driving the vehicle, drove off the road into the ditch and stabbed his friend four times in the chest,” Shamanskaya said.


She said the suspect then called the victim’s relatives to report on the incident and they arrived and took him to the hospital where he later died from the inflicted injuries.


If convicted of murder, the man could face up to 15 years behind bars.


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