Russian sunken cruise ship may be lifted on Thursday

A Russian cruise ship, the Bulgaria, which sunk on the Volga River, may be lifted on Thursday, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov said.

The Bulgaria sank during a storm in Russia’s Volga River on July 10, leaving 114 out of 208 officially dead. Another 79 people were rescued, while six out of 15 passengers that were previously reported missing “have been found” through contacts with their relatives.

Rescuers made several unsuccessful attempts to lift the vessel during the day on Wednesday. Minnikhanov said there were problems with setting up lift ropes, but they should be fixed by Wednesday night.

“Weather conditions are not very favorable. There are four barges…all the equipment and people are on the spot. Work is continuing around the clock.”

Earlier reports said the ship could be lifted on Wednesday morning, but the operation was suspended because of heavy winds.

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