Russian, Ukrainian tourists pay off 86,000-euro tab at Sardinia’s nightclub week after splurge

Six Russian and Ukrainian tourists, who last week escaped Sardinia’s posh nightclub without paying their 86,000-euro tab, have paid the bill several days after the party, Italian media said on Sunday.

The tourists, believed to be the children of Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, spent several hours in Sardinia’s Billionaire nightclub, owned by Formula-1 manager Flavio Briatore.

When the time came to pay the bill, the partygoers, who had poured 90 bottles of vintage champagne over each other, said they did not have any money on them, l’Unione Sarda newspaper said.

Soon after the local Prosecutor’s Office passed an official claim, the nightclub received a 86,000-euro bank transfer from Ukraine.

“They paid every last penny. After that I have immediately withdrew the complaint,” Corriere della Sera quoted Flavio Briatore’s assistant, Paolo Azara as saying.

Azara said the partygoers’ lawyers asked about a 36,000-euro discount for the bill, but the club owners made no concessions.

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