Russian watchdog to mull Transneft oil transport tariff hike soon

MOSCOW, Aug 26 (PRIME) — Russias Federal Customs Service may consider increasing the oil transportation tariff for oil pipeline company Transneft in the period between August 29 and September 2, a spokesperson for the service told PRIME Friday.

The service could increase the tariff by 2.8% from September 1 and 5.0% from November 1, the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the services representative said Wednesday that the service did not plan to increase the tariff from September 1, as the issue needed additional consideration.

In July, Transneft asked the service to increase the tariff by 4% on August 1 and by up to 7% on November 1, Denis Volkov, an official at the service, said then.

Transneft applied to the regulator in May seeking an average hike of 3% on its oil transportation tariff in 2011.

The service increased the tariff three times in 2010; 15.9% from January 1, 3.3% from August 1, and 9.9% from December 1, and planed to keep the last increase in force throughout 2011.


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