Russian woman sentenced to death in China for drug-trafficking

A Russian woman has been sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling with the execution delayed for two years, the Russian Embassy in Beijing said.

Marina Lopatina, 37, a resident of Khabarovsk in Russia’s Far East, has been found guilty of trying to smuggle two kilograms of heroin from the special administrative region of Macao to the continental part of China.

A court in Chinese city of Zhuhai announced the sentence on November 23, the embassy told RIA Novosti on Saturday

The court’s decision brings the number of Russian citizens on death row for drug-trafficking in China to seven.

Under Chinese law, an attempt to smuggle 50 grams or more of heroin or equivalent drugs is punishable with the death penalty.

However, death sentences for drug-traficking are often commuted to life imprisonment if the convicts show full remorse of their actions and demonstrate good behavior in prison.

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