Russia’s Medvedev Discusses Trade, Missile Shield With Czech Leaders

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has met with Czech counterpart Vaclav Klaus to discuss issues ranging from the economic situation in the European Union and eurozone to NATO’s missile-defense plans.

Medvedev gave his support to Russian company Atomstroieksport’s plans to bid for a 20 billion-euro ($28 billion) contract to build two more reactors for the Czech nuclear power plant Temelin.

Both Medvedev and Klaus expressed their concerns about the eurozone, since both countries are closely tied to the unified currency.

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union but is not in the eurozone.

Klaus told Medvedev that with the current problems surrounding the euro, Russia might consider changing some of its euro reserves into Czech crowns.

Medvedev reportedly smiled and said there probably were not enough Czech crowns to make such an exchange.

On missile defense, Russia is sharply opposed to a U.S.-backed missile shield that it says will weaken its nuclear arsenal.

Original U.S. plans to deploy parts of the shield in the Czech Republic and Poland — later scrapped by the Obama administration — strained relations between Russia and the Czech Republic.

compiled from agency reports

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