Russia’s most unusual buildings scoop big prizes

Russia’s most unusual buildings scoop big prizes

Published: 19 October, 2011, 22:55

Architectural competition prize-winner (photo from

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Prime Time Russia,
Anya Fedorova,
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The winners of Russia’s annual “Best Building Awards” have been announced.

The “Professionals’ Choice” category was won by a colorful tube-rolling plant in Chelyabinsk.

An angular-looking country house near Moscow was voted the best “low-rise” building. Architects say its non-symmetrical form maximizes the amount of sunlight let in.

The winner in the “Wooden House” category was a two-storey villa located near a river in Karelia.

Scooping the “People’s Choice” award was a 12-storey building on Leninsky Prospekt.

Judges say its wave-like facade adds dynamism to what would otherwise be just another office block.

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