Russia’s stance on Kosovo’s independence has remained unchanged…

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Russia‘s stance on Kosovo’s independence has remained unchanged, official spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Andrei Nesterenko said commenting on the ruling by the International Court of Justice on Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

Notably, the court assessed the declaration alone (as adopted on February 17, 2008 by Kosovo) and specifically stated that it did not consider the right of Kosovo to separate from Serbia unilaterally on a broader scale, Nesterenko stressed.

By the same token, the court avoided any judgments on the consequences of the declaration: specifically, it does not say whether or not Kosovo is a state, and whether the recognition of it by a number of countries was legal or not.

“Our position of not recognizing Kosovo has remained unchanged. We believe that the issue can only be settled through further negotiations between the parties involved under UN Security Council resolution No. 1244, which, as the International Court of Justice rightfully notes, remains the recognized international legal basis for the settlement. We are ready to assist it,” Nesterenko said.

Earlier reports today said that the Hague International Court had turned down Serbia’s claim that the unilateral declaration of independence was illegal. The decision is non-binding, but is widely expected to have far-reaching effect on international relations.

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