Schwarzenegger told to make major bust reduction

Maria Shriver, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife, forced the Terminator to get rid of his odd collection of busts of Soviet leaders, the Canoe show business internet portal said on Tuesday.
The lead actor in Red Heat, where he played a Russian policeman, Ivan Danko, began collecting busts of Soviet leaders after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
He asked his Russian bodybuilder friends to send him a good bust in 1991, and was sent a bust of Vladimir Lenin.
Since then, gold and bronze busts and statues continued arriving year after year.
“They sent me this bust of Lenin but the problem was, they kept sending me more and more statues.
I put them by the pool at home. Andropov and Chernenko and Brezhnev – all these old guys were around our swimming pool,” Schwarzenegger said.

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