Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman hits Moscow catwalk with a pistol!

Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman hit the catwalk at Moscow Fashion Week on Tuesday with a sleek black pistol pointed to a male model’s head.

The 29-year-old hot-to-trot first sashayed out solo at fashion house Shiyan and Rudkovskaya’s show dressed in sexy, skin-tight black pants, a plunging, chocolate-coloured corset and feminine, bomber-style jacket with a shearling collar. She gripped the gun in her right hand, reports the New York Post.

As she started strutting down the catwalk, the red-faced, red-haired vixen accidentally dropped her weapon on the floor.

Quickly moving to cover her tracks, she picked it up, winked at audience members-and coolly blew on the end of the gun as if she’d just fired off a shot.

She then continued prancing in her mustard-colored boots down the stage, where she was joined by hunky Russian pop star Dima Bilan.

Bilan then sidled up to her-and Chapman stuck the gun into his neck. She then maneuvered it under his chin while gazing into his eyes.

At the end of the skit, Bilan grabbed the gun from her, took off part of her jacket to bare her shoulder. The duo then waltzed off.

The gun was real, although its magazine had been removed. (ANI)

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