Siberian Meat Thieves Prepare Steak Body Armor

MOSCOW, December 15 (RIA Novosti) – Sometimes holiday preparations can drive you to a life of crime. Case in point: a recent attempt by two thieves in Siberia to steal 66 kilograms of steak and pork fat by wrapping it around themselves.

The incident took place in a sausage factory in the city of Kiselyovsk in Kemerovo Region, local police said on their website.

The suspects were a male sausage maker and a female janitor, an experienced duo who had worked at the factory for 10 years, police said on Thursday, without releasing their names.

The two had thinly sliced 60 kilograms of exquisite steak and six kilograms of pork fat and put it in plastic food wrap ahead of a night shift, during which they were the only people at the factory, the report said.

When confronted by the factory owner, who stopped by to pick up some paperwork, they were unable to provide any credible explanation for what they had done.

Under police questioning they confessed that they had intended to strap the meat to their bodies under their clothes and smuggle it out past security guards in the morning.

They wanted the meat and pork fat as part of their New Year’s spread, the couple said. Now their holidays are ruined, as both face the sack and up to two years behind bars on theft charges.


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