Siberian Teen Dies after Vodka-Drugs Mix

CHITA, December 27 (RIA Novosti) – A Siberian teenager, wearing only trousers and a t-shirt, died during a barefoot walk he decided to take on a freezing Siberian night, apparently after mixing hallucinogens with vodka, the Transbaikal Territory investigation department said on Thursday.

His body was found at least three km away from his village after two weeks of search.

“Ivan Pisarev’s body was found on Wednesday evening by police officers involved in the search effort. He was wearing only trousers, socks and t-shirt,” the regional police department said in a statement.

Eyewitnesses told the police that Pisarev walked away from a party at his friend’s home late on December 17 after drinking vodka and eating hallucinogen-containing seeds. It was -30 degrees Centigrade outside, and the teenager did not put on his winter clothes.

Though the autopsy is yet to be made, police believes the teen’s death was most likely accidental.


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