Silicon Valley incubator fosters Russian tech talents

With an incredible engineering talent and a vast local market, Russia’s innovative startups are deemed to success, believes the founder and CEO of Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play tech center, Saeed Amidi.

The famous business incubator “Plug and Play” has chosen five Russian start-ups to help them to develop and seek partners. The tech centre is credited with developing projects like PayPal and Google.

Eager to find out if there are any big projects coming on the world tech stage, RT caught up with the company’s CEO, Saeed Amidi.

“The interesting thing about Russia is its incredible engineering talent, maybe one of the best in the world,” Amidi told RT. “The local market is also very big, so you can build a company only based on a local market. But we are really interested in technology and startups that have global potential. We will take them to the US and launch their product globally.”

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