Songstress Zemfira hits European stages

She has been called everything from Elvis mixed with the Sex Pistols to Kurt Cobain in a dress. However she has always remained a self-made talent with an outstanding personality and musical skills.

One of the most sincere Russian songstresses Zemfira is setting out on a tour across European cities with her stellar hits.

The tour named “12” will span five cities in Europe, including Prague, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cologne and Antwerp. Prior to coming to Europe, Zemfira will also play gigs in Russia’s Kazan, Kaliningrad and her hometown of Ufa. After visiting the Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium, she will return to Russia to perform in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Zemfira is among those few musicians and bands that made Russia’s entry to the international rock scene possible. She emerged to fame in late 1990s as one of the most awaited Russian rock artists ever to perform. Her breakthrough musical career scored her proud comparisons with Kate Bush and Bjork. Zemfira stunned the audiences with her strong voice and deeply personal lyrics that engage troublesome issues such as depression, homosexuality, drug addiction, AIDS and more.

Idol to millions, she has become very popular among the music lovers of former Soviet republics and across Eastern Europe. In 2008 she had her first official US Tour, an event almost two years in the making. Zemfira has also performed numerous times in Europe.

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