Speech at state decoration award ceremony

Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office
Speech at ceremony of presenting state decorations to some Zubr detachment officers.
March 21, 2011

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  • Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office|
    Speech at ceremony of presenting state decorations to some Zubr detachment officers.|Shchyolkovo, Moscow Region|March 21, 2011|http://eng.news.kremlin.ru/media/events/photos/big/41d361decb61095f8b0b.jpeg|http://news.windowstorussia.com/wp-content/plugins/rss-poster/cache/0a740_41d361decb64636f5a4a.jpeg


I would like to begin by welcoming servicemen of the Zubr special purpose police unit and three regiments that are responsible for maintaining public order at major public events in the city of Moscow, the Moscow Region and other areas.

Our meeting today will also include a ceremonial element, as, while here, I would like to take the opportunity to award state decorations.

The activities of the Zubr detachment, as well as other units and regiments maintaining public order, involve enormous responsibility, and sometimes high risks; they certainly require serious special training, as well as a great deal of stamina, tact, and personal courage. In this context, the example set by your comrades such as your commander, police major general Alexander Ivanin, is very important.  As a participant to lots of combat missions, he has substantial, truly vast experience, and judging by what I saw today, pays great attention and puts enormous effort into training his personnel. I am very pleased to present to him the Order of Honour.

I am presenting a Medal of Distinction for Protecting Public Order to police major Vitaly Vorobyev. He chose a difficult profession of a field engineer and has reached significant achievements.

Senior lieutenant Dmitry Savkin will receive a state decoration for the first time today, the Medal of Distinction for Protecting Public Order. I also wish him success.

As I Said, there are true professionals serving in the Zubr detachment and in the regiments maintaining public order, strong-willed, determined, decisive people who have successfully accomplished thousands of special operations and neutralised dozens of dangerous criminals.

Each of you serves our nation, our beloved Russia, our Fatherland, each of you serves it honestly and professionally. That is precisely why I decided to issue a commendation to your entire unit. I congratulate you and propose that we move on to the award ceremony.

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I want to congratulate the award recipients one more time on their well-deserved decorations. I congratulate servicemen of the Zubr special purpose police unit on the commendation, a certificate of which has just been presented to you commander.

I would like to sincerely wish you all success, spirit, and good health. I hope that things go well in your families, because without that, nobody’s service can be successful.

I want to once again thank you for your service to our nation, for everything you are doing. Good luck, and thank you.


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    March 21, 2011

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