State Duma must not simply rubber stamp laws

Workin With The United Nations:

THE NEW RULES FOR THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS. , and protections for the People.


No War Mongering, and their control over capital gains, and free trade market by such very necessary, interventions, and stopping the corruption in all Wall Street Markets.

Capitalizing (on) Capitalism and the course of their own destruction. , without regulation, or protections of the people, of the united states and all other countries, preventing it , from becoming a non elective dictatorships from controlling all free trade markets in the world.

Stopping : The Wars over the control of land and Oil Rights, in Foregin Countries.

AS Our Allies,

Stopping The Oppression.

By the authority, of the power’s invested; in the new Rules, GENEVA Conventions, on their very own their philosophy, preventing world wars. $100,000 Per Sq Mile; and crossing into each territory, as payment, belonging too, will be charged for all sending any permission denied – Penalty, for any violations, of its signed Declarations.’

Then if necessary deny any foreign currency $$, belonging too, refused, by all allied nations, for such violation’s, as punishment for breach of peace treaty allegiance, and possible signed agreements with Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Hu Jinato, Germany, Angela Merkel, and Dmitry Medvedev, of Russia, and eventually, the President, of The United States of America.

Just like a traffic ticket – gee isn’t capitalism great??

Except globally!! Signed, By The World Police Force…. Lol, God’ You Just Gotta Love It !!

Joke For The Day,

Sir, “I Just Clocked your plane doing 1,350 miles per hour” didn’t you see the sign ; over a no fly zone, laughs Japan!!

End of Report.

Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa 10/28/2011

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