Sunbathing in the urban jungle: RT’s guide to Moscow beaches

In the light of recent heat records, it is high time to see what the Moscow Riviera has to offer.

­Olive Beach in downtown Moscow

For those who do not want to get too far from party hotspots, there is Olive Beach in Gorky Park. Recently opened, it is quickly turning into the city’s premier beach clubbing venue.

You cannot swim here – but feel free to sunbathe or refresh yourself under the shower while looking at the statue of Peter the Great. This can be a somewhat surreal experience.

Renting a sun-bed and a towel for the day costs 600 rubles, but you can get them for free if you eat there. The café is run by Ginza holding, so prepare for a menu containing delicious but quite pricey items.

The place is all wood and stone, so no barefoot fun for visitors.

­Monterosso – windsurfing paradise

You can get plenty of sand at another city resort, although much further from the Kremlin walls. Monterosso is a green territory of some 3,000 square meters in Strogino district.

The beach occupies a relatively small area. It is still perfect for sunbathing or relaxing with a drink, but if you are a fan of badminton or beach volleyball, you had better go somewhere else.

In fact, it is all about water sports, such as windsurfing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Apart from the beach it also has an open-air lounge, and a bar.

Parents say they love it as it has a nice kids’ playground and a swimming pool for the little ones.

­Silver Forest – family day-tripping

Serebryany Bor, or Silver Forest, in the north-west of Moscow will also prove to be a children’s favourite, as it offers plenty of trees, fresh air, and lots of opportunities for amazing summer activities.

Although it cannot boast the privacy of a beach club, it is one of the most ecologically clean areas in the city. It tops the authorities’ water quality chart on a regular basis.

The complex includes three beaches that go by their numbers. The largest of them, beach number three, occupies an area of some eight hectares.

It has plenty of chaise-longues and several volleyball courts. Renting one of those will cost you 400 rubles per hour.

Serebryany Bor 2 is smaller and seems a bit cosier with its green grassy beach.

A sizable chunk of the infrastructure is devoted specially to kids. It has a huge set of inflatable attractions and a mini-zoo.

There is also a VIP beach, which is normally closed to visitors and is only used for private parties. Keep in mind that all three close at 9 pm sharp, so the party has to be over by then.

Beach for party lovers

Party fans will appreciate Super Beach, near Shchukinskaya metro, which is a popular spot for the 20-35 year-olds.

It works as a beach club during the day and every weekend turns into an open-air night club.

The entrance is 300 rubles during the day and 500 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Apart from mini-football and ping-pong tables, it has a windsurfing station. Take advantage of free wi-fi if you decide to spend a working day out of the office.

­Sink or swim

Unfortunately, Moscow cannot boast large reserves of unpolluted water. This year the city authorities shut down three out of eleven popular swimming areas because of safety concerns.

Still, this leaves swimmers eight spots on the officially approved list. At these places the water has passed lab tests, the riverbed has been cleaned and rescue services watch out for visitors’ safety from dawn till dusk.

Bear in mind that even if a pond’s water seems clean, it can be deceiving. Moscow has a sophisticated underground river system, and there are plenty of ways for dangerous waste to get there.

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