Survivor of Tyumen Air Crash Dies in Hospital

One of the injured passengers of a regional plane, which crashed last week in Western Siberia, died on early on Thursday in a hospital, local health authorities said.

The UTair ATR 72 plane crashed on April 2 on a takeoff from Tyumen airport. Thirty-one people died in the crash and twelve survived but were severely injured.

The deceased patient of a hospital in Tyumen has been identified as Lyudmila Volkova.

The surviving 11 passengers are still hospitalized.

Six of them remain in a serious condition and one is in a critical condition at an intensive care unit in a hospital in Tyumen.

Three other survivors, who are in a stable condition, are being treated at the same hospital.

One air crash survivor is in a Moscow hospital. His condition is also stable, doctors say.

Investigators said soon after the incident that failure to deice the aircraft was most probably a factor in the disaster.


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