Swallows In The Russian Wilds!


While Svet and I were traveling home from the Village this time, We came upon an area of Swallows (birds). So we had to take a look and see why there was so many Swallows. We found nests cut into the hill side of sand, with maybe 1000 birds. When we came up they all left in a flurry and a rush. That allowed us to take pictures. The biggest holes that you see are attempts made by Humans and their dogs and crows trying to dig out the nests.(lucky the holes are very deep and interconnected).

That upset me. The Swallows need safety from Humans and their dogs and the crows.

The Swallow eats all those mosquitoes that suck the life blood out of you in the Villages. So they are good to have!

As we left we stopped a distance away, The birds all came back! They were flying high in the sky waiting for the big bad Humans to leave. Well we left, but only after taking pictures of their homes. I find this fascinating and a wonderful part of nature.

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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