Syria Opposition: Joker, Lex Luthor and Kim Jong-un Are Fighting for Assad

You think we’re exaggerating? We wish:

GENEVA, March 22 (TASS– The Saudi-formed High Negotiations Committee (HNC) of the Syrian opposition has reported two militia units from North Korea are fighting for government forces. 

Two North Korean units are there, which are Chalma-1 and Chalma-7,” Asaad az-Zoubi, the head of the committee’s delegation to Geneva talks, said on Tuesday.

According to Zoubi, those units are “lethally dangerous.”

You know somebody is bad when DPR Korea will ride to their rescue:


To be fair, if you go back far enough North Korea does have a history of lending aid to embattled states it sympathizes with. Eg, it sent pilots and planes to fight in the American War in Vietnam and the Arab-Israeli War of 1973. But crucially all of that took place in the context of the Cold War when Pyongyang was still orthodox Marxist-Leninst. 

Morever, a shred of proof would have been nice, no? After all picture-snapping cellphones abound in this day and age and it’s not like East Asians wouldn’t stick out in the Middle East like a sore thumb. Instead we get assertions of troops no one has ever documented. 

But what else can you expect from characters cobbled together by Riyadh. The Saudis, we remind, you are asserting that:

  • They are fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda
  • They are fighting in Yemen on the side of its people against an Iranian occupation
  • That Iran is backing Al-Qadea
  • That their mission in Yemen is a humanitarian one

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