US-backed SDF fighters in Syria advance into center of ISIS-held Hajin – spokesman

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have pushed deep into the last major urban stronghold held by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) on the eastern banks of the Euphrates, a spokesman for the fighters said on Thursday. The Kurdish-led militia alliance that holds roughly one quarter of Syria east of the Euphrates, had advanced into […]

Slippery situation: ‘Trespasser’ trapped in restaurant grease vent for 2 days (PHOTOS)

“So I went into the back and the door was open but the screen was locked. So as soon as I pulled the door I could hear. I keep hearing please help me. Please help me. Help me,” neighboring business owner Igor Campos told KTVU. First responders quickly determined the source of the desperate cries […]

As US debt spirals to $22 trillion, former Fed chair Janet Yellen is suddenly concerned

America’s gross national debt skyrocketed by $11.2 trillion in less than 11 years, according to statistics. It means the government has been adding an average of more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade. Total public debt outstanding has risen by $1.36 trillion, or 6.6 percent, since […]

Russia remains main supplier of coal to Ukraine as coming bitter frost forces Kiev to boost imports

Ukraine’s purchases of hard coal grew to nearly $2.7 billion from January through November 2018, marking a year-on-year surge of more than 10 percent, according to official government data. Cost of independence: Ukraine pays record high price for ‘European’ gas The fiscal office noted that neighboring Russia accounted for nearly 62 percent of the country’s […]

‘No intention’: Bayern’s Thomas Muller defends shocking ‘kung fu kick’ red card (PHOTOS)

Tagliafico was left needing stitches and staples in the back of his head when Muller led with his boot in a kung fu-style tackle in the 75th minute, which earned the Bayern forward a straight red from referee Clement Turpin. Tagliafico remarkably played on while it was an early bath for Muller on what was […]

Strasbourg shooting: 3rd person dies after market attack

A third person has died after being injured by a gunman who attacked a popular Christmas market in Strasbourg, the government’s regional authority in eastern France said on Thursday. The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the death toll from the gun attack rose to three. Among the 13 injured people, five are still in critical condition, […]

Mixing those makes a boom, try it! Virtual chemistry lab among innovations showcased at Moscow event

The annual event is meant to bring together scientists, firms and politicians interested in making Russia’s economy more innovative by streamlining the path of inventions from concept to market. But panel discussions were only part of the event, as many tech firms and laboratories brought their products to showcase before potential investors and curious visitors. […]

IDF encircles de-facto Palestinian capital in response to terror attack

The move comes after a Palestinian gunman opened fire on a roadway on Thursday morning, killing two Israelis and leaving another two critically injured. The IDF believes that the attacker then fled the scene by car, driving somewhere near Ramallah. An IDF spokesman confirmed the blockade on Ramallah, adding that the IDF has sent reinforcements […]

‘Obviously I was joking’: NBA star Steph Curry backtracks on moon landing conspiracy comments

Curry called mankind’s ‘giant leap’ into question while appearing on former teammate Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter’s ‘Winging It’ podcast recently, saying that he “didn’t think” that the moon landings had taken place. The moon landing is one of the more controversial topics among conspiracy theorists, many of whom claim that the NASA faked the […]

Chancellor Hammond labels Rees-Mogg, Boris & co ‘extremists’ as Tory civil war gets ugly

Hammond, who made the antagonistic remarks in an interview with Sky News shortly before May faced a vote of confidence in her leadership by Tory MPs, received a backlash from supporters of Rees-Mogg and his hardline Brexit faction, the European Research Group (ERG). “I think what this vote today will do is flush out the […]

Catalan independence & UK Brexit campaigns ‘confront citizens with fake arguments’ – Spain’s PM

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has compared secession efforts in Catalonia to Britain’s tangled process of leaving the EU, saying both rely on confronting citizens with fake arguments. In an address to Parliament on Wednesday, Sanchez said both campaigns “invent a story of grievances and force people to choose between two identities,” AP reported. “They […]

Man of steel: Chinese factory worker miraculously survives being impaled on spikes (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

The porcelain factory worker, known by the surname Zhou, was rushed to hospital in Zhuzhou, southern Hunan Province, last Tuesday by his horrified and desperate colleagues who were powerless to remove the 10 steel spikes which measured 30cm (12 inches) long and 1.5cm (0.6 inches) thick. He was in extreme distress and unable to move […]

Sun’s mesmeric shapeshifting atmosphere revealed in stunning timelapse VIDEO

On Wednesday morning, the agency shared an incredible timelapse image of our own sun, laying bare its atmospheric activity we rarely get to appreciate in such captivating detail. The images are all thanks to the PROBA-2 satellite, the second of the agency’s planned low-cost satellite program. Weighing in at just 130kg (286lbs), the small but […]

China plucks Canada Goose caught in crossfire of Huawei arrest

Shares of the Toronto-based clothing company, whose parkas go for $1000, dropped nearly 20 percent over just four days. At the same time, shares of a Hong Kong-based apparel maker, Bosideng, surged around 13 percent, hitting a five-year high. Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou has been in custody for ten days after Canadian authorities detained the top-manager […]

Who is Peter Comey and Why it Matters

On December 7 after weeks of legal resistance, former FBI Director James Comey was forced to appear at a closed-door hearing convened by Republicans in the House of Representatives. The hearing was called to investigate political bias by Comey and other officials against then-candidate Donald Trump. In the last days the focus has begun to […]

Police raid PSG office amid allegations of ethnically preferable recruiting policy

According to the search was conducted at PSG headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris as part of an investigation opened by the Paris public prosecutor’s office in November to probe allegations of “discrimination based on origin, ethnicity or nationality.” READ MORE: French rights group files case against PSG over claims scouts ‘limited number of black players’ […]

The Macron Implosion – Will it Spread to Other EU Members?

The Yellow Vest Movement – weekend 8 and 9 December – Round 4. Some say, they are the worst riots in France since the student-driven mini-Revolution of May 1968. Over the four weekends, hundreds of thousands were in the streets, middle class people, from students to workers to outright employees and housewives. The police force […]

‘Wild-eyed’: Irish sports star accused of sexual assault engaged in two-day ‘bender’

The sportsperson at the center of the allegations was seen partying with a large collection of friends in various venues in Dublin last weekend, sources told the Irish Sun. The newspaper quotes a source, who says: “A big gang of them arrived and were in good form. Everyone was polite on the way in. When staff […]

Beware, Income Disparity is among the Leading Global Trends

It’s hardly a secret that there was an abrupt increase in income disparity pretty much all across the globe in the period from 1980 to 2017, as it has been recently confirmed by a report released by World Inequality Lab (WIL). Pretty much the same conclusion was voiced by a group of international analysts led […]

‘Real Mr. Bean’: WATCH waiter’s hilarious reaction as he drops food on academic at Nobel banquet

40 chefs reportedly labored to create the lavish feast, which was attended by 1,340 guests decked out in gowns, white ties and coattails. By all accounts, the food was spectacular. The food delivery, however, was at times a bit spotty. As some of the world’s leading minds waited for their next course, a waiter balancing […]