U.S. Officials Cite ‘Nationwide Awakening’ In Russia

WASHINGTON — A U.S. State Department official says recent mass protests in Russia could represent a “nationwide awakening” among Russians who want more accountability from their government. Protesters across Russia have staged a series of demonstrations accusing Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his ruling United Russia party of rigging votes in the party’s favor during […]

High time UK left EU?

The blame game continues in Europe over who is responsible for the high-level split over a new EU fiscal agreement. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage believes it’s time for the British to decide whether they want to stay in the EU. The British Prime Minister David Cameron, who slapped a firm ‘no’ on the […]

‘Prokhorov seeks to articulate the democratic mood’

Mikhail Prokhorov’s decision to run in next year’s presidential election may signal a new era of political pluralism in Russia. And while the billionaire’s shot at victory is uncertain, experts say the Russian electorate will win out come March ­When billionaire entrepreneur and New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov was elected to head the Right […]

Billionaire Prokhorov Announces Kremlin Bid, As Kudrin Calls For Liberal Party

One of Russia’s richest men and the architect of an abortive bid this year to launch a center-right political party, billionaire playboy Mikhail Prokhorov, now says he will challenge Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in next year’s presidential election. Prokhorov called the move “the most important decision in my life.” “I’m going to run for president,” […]

Nets’ Mikhail Prokhorov to run for Russian presidency

MOSCOW — After a week of surprising challenges to his authority, Vladimir Putin faces a new one from one of Russia’s richest and most glamorous figures — the billionaire owner of the New Jersey Nets says he will run against Putin in March’s presidential election. Mikhail Prokhorov’s announcement Monday came just hours after another Russian […]

For Russia, this is the end of an era | Jonathan Steele

Russia and its power-hungry leader Vladimir Putin are still reeling. The results of last week’s parliamentary elections were a surprise, not just because of his party’s low level of popularity but because they were allowed to happen. In a totally controlled system his United Russia party would have won easily. But Putin has erected a […]

Poll protests continue in Russian regions

Authorized and unauthorized protests against alleged electional fraud continued in several Russian cities on Sunday, RIA Novosti correspondents reported. The largest sanctioned rally was held in Perm, a city in the Urals, which gathered some 800 people instead of 300 permitted by the police.  Two people were detained. The demonstrators signed a resolution demanding the […]

Poll protests in eastern Russia

Hundreds of people have gathered in different cities across Russia on Saturday to protest against alleged electoral fraud in favor of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, RIA Novosti correspondents reported from the scene. Some 1,000 people rallied in the southern Siberian city of Barnaul, about 200 at the central square in Chita and […]

Communists slam Duma vote

The Russian Communist party (KPRF) called Sunday’s parliamentary election illegitimate and pledged to challenge its results in courts, the party said on its official website on Saturday. “KPRF states that the passed State Duma elections were unfair and non-free. We consider them illegitimate from a moral and political point of view,” the statement, signed by […]

Russia faces nationwide vote protests

Voters took to the streets Saturday across Russia to protest elections they charge were rigged in favor of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, a mass demonstration of public anger not seen in years and a critical test for the country’s leadership. The rolling, nationwide demonstrations came a day after Russian election authorities announced the final […]

Russian regions say vote protests largely peaceful

Authorized and unauthorized protests in dozens of Russian cities, in which at least 60,000 people across the country are estimated to take part, were largely peaceful. “According to the Interior Ministry’s emergency response center, unauthorized protests were held in a number of Russian regions. During most of them, protestors left the area after warnings by […]

United Russia retains parliamentary majority

Russia’s governing party, United Russia, will have 238 seats in the new State Duma following Sunday’s parliamentary elections, Central Electoral Commission deputy head Leonid Ivlev said on Friday. The result means Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party has lost 77 seats, but just retains a parliamentary majority. United Russia enjoyed a two-thirds majority in the previous […]

Russia braces for biggest protests of Putin era

Public anger over alleged electoral fraud in favor of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s party is expected to bring thousands out onto the streets of Russia on Saturday in the largest demonstrations here for almost two decades. Protest rallies – both sanctioned and unsanctioned by the authorities – are planned for some one hundred Russian cities […]

Putin names his presidential campaign chief

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has picked filmmaker Stanislav Govorukhin to run his campaign in next year’s presidential elections. Speaking to supporters on Thursday, Putin said he wants to use an amorphous group he launched in May, the All-Russia People’s Front, as the basis of his campaign. “I would like to create my [presidential campaign […]

Moscow government authorizes 30,000-strong opposition rally

Opposition activists have been allowed to hold a 30,000-strong rally in downtown Moscow on Saturday to protest the results of the December 4 parliamentary elections, a deputy mayor of the Russian capital said. “The rally organizers agreed to hold the rally on Bolotnaya Square offered to them by Moscow authorities in order to ensure that […]

Russian social network rebuffs FSB request to close ‘opposition’ accounts

Russia’s most popular social network was asked by the country’s domestic security agency to deactivate accounts of groups that contained posts calling for street protests, but the company rejected the request, a spokesman said Thursday. “We received a request from the FSB to stop the activity of Vkontakte groups calling for riots and a revolution,” […]

Sociologists: Opposition more popular in cyberspace

Most Russians do not trust the non-parliamentary opposition which is now leading an active campaign against alleged falsifications of the State Duma elections, a sociological study has revealed. ­The survey was conducted by the independent analytical Levada Center a week before the parliamentary election. It showed that 58% of respondents have no trust in the […]

Medvedev ‘tweet’ sends the Russian blogosphere into a frenzy

It was a late-night tweet that shook the Russian internet – did President Dmitry Medvedev really retweet a post implying jailed opposition activist Alexey Navalny was a “cocksucking sheep”? According to the Kremlin, he did not. Russian internet users are not so sure. The tweet came hours after riot police and pro-Kremlin youth activists put […]

Russia’s leading opposition figures

Alexey Navalny Photograph: Max Avdeev/Guardian The charismatic 35-year-old lawyer is seen as the de facto leader of Russia‘s disparate opposition, the first one able to unite liberals, nationalists, young and old. He coined the term “party of crooks and thieves” to describe Vladimir Putin‘s United Russia party. His blog, launched as a vehicle to expose […]

Moscow police seal off central square as opposition to rally

Police are setting up metal barriers along the perimeter of Triumfalnaya Square in central Moscow as opposition groups are preparing to stage a new unsanctioned rally to protest election fraud, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports. On Tuesday evening the square saw a rally that drew up to 5,000 people, including both opposition and pro-Kremlin youth […]