Tango with a Russian twist

Spicy, sexy and sensual. Two dancing duos from Russia have made it to the semi-finals of the Tango Festival and Dance World Cup in Buenos Aires.

­Moscow-based Ruslan Takhirov and partner Natalia Atepaeva, along with fellow dancers Andrey and Natalia Panferovs from St. Petersburg, showed their best in the traditional “salon tango” category, recognizable by its smooth and suave moves, with the main emphasis on precision.

Tango has long become a worldwide phenomenon, with some of the brightest dancers coming from as far as Russia or Japan.

The dance that originated in the slums of Buenos Aires back in the 19th century is sacred in Argentina, often referred to as the country’s most authentic export.

Up to 400 couples are set to take part in this year’s dance extravaganza running through August 30. Last time the far-reaching festival drew up to 350,000 spectators and participants from around the world.

The spotlight will be brought on dancers competing in the so called “salon tango” and the more lively “stage tango” categories. Each winning couple will receive a prize of around $5,000.

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