Tatar Writer Brands Russian Song ‘Extremist’

Fauzia Bayramova, a prominent Tatar writer and leader of the self-proclaimed pan-Tatar Milli Medjlis assembly, says she has filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against Russian singer Zhanna Bichevskaya.

In a letter to RFE/RL, Bayramova says that the “Kulikovo pole” song and video propagate “extremism” and ethnic hatred, glorifying Russians, belittling other ethnicities, and calling for the breakup of countries like Ukraine and Turkey.

Bayramova says the lyrics need to be investigated, since the singer is calling on Russians to reconquer Crimea, and occupy Istanbul and Jerusalem by force.

Bichevskaya, a popular ballad singer in Soviet times, has become fiercely nationalistic of late.

Bayramova added that while Russian authorities persecute Muslims and ethnic minorities, they ignore the much more dangerous activities of Russian ultranationalists.

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