Teacher Who Wanted Love Interest’s Girlfriend Raped Is ‘Insane’

MOSCOW, August 15 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian teacher who wanted to have a much younger man beaten and his wife gang-raped and drugged has been found insane and could be placed in a psychiatric hospital, a prosecutor said Thursday.

The 41-year-old former computer literacy teacher from the southern city of Volgograd was detained in March after she tried to organize the abduction of her 20-something former student who had turned down her advances and told her that he was getting married.

She tried to hire another man to have the love interest beaten so severely that he developed amnesia so she could nurse him back to health in a house she wanted to rent. “Get him to lose his memory,” the bespectacled, panting woman is seen saying in an undercover police video.

She also wanted the man’s fiancée to be gang-raped and drugged “for a couple of weeks” so that she developed an addiction. “Take her anywhere you want, [but] she can’t ever get home,” she said, according to the video.

Luckily for the young couple, the would-be contractor turned out to be an undercover police officer, who videotaped his conversation with the woman. She was detained in late March after she handed over part of the 200,000 ruble ($6,500) payment for the attack.

At her home, police also found a contract signed with what looked like blood in which the woman said she was selling her soul to the devil in exchange for a younger body, 100 million rubles ($3 million), a Jaguar and a Volkswagen, a helicopter and some bodyguards.

The woman faced up to 15 years in jail if found guilty of organizing kidnapping, gang rape and infliction of grave bodily harm. She denied the charges.

Although she neither got a younger body nor received the helicopter or other valuables, her contract seems to have saved her from prosecution.

A psychiatric evaluation at Moscow’s Serbsky research center found that the woman needed psychiatric treatment because she “was unable to evaluate her actions” when she hired the would-be contractor, Natalia Kunitskaya of the Volgograd region prosecutor’s office said Thursday.

Kunitskaya said the woman may be placed in psychiatric institution after a court ruling.


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