TekhnoAvia opts for GE and H80

Russian scientific air construction Company TekhnoAvia and GE Aviation have signed a ten year agreement on the supply of H80 airplane engines.

TekhnoAvia plans to equip its Rysachok multi-purpose dual engine aircraft with the H80 engines produced by GE Aviation.  It has placed an order for 60 with an option for 30 more.  The Russian Government Flying School of Civil Aviation will be the first to get the aircraft, with the Rysachok planned for the freight, local passenger, medical transportation, and air taxi markets.  The Samara aircraft factory plans to produce up to 12 aircraft per year.

The agreement between TekhnoAvia and GE also provides for cooperation in certification and installation of engines, the development of service and GE product support in Russia.

Paul Theofan President and Director of Business General Aviation Turboprops at GE Aviation says the agreement means new opportunities for the global giant in Russia.

“GE is pleased to enter into such an important agreement with Tekhnoavia. This is the first agreement to sell engines H80 on the Russian market. At the moment, Russia has already operated more than 250 GE M601 engines, adapted to local conditions. We hope for a further partnership deals with Tekhnoavia.”

The H80 engine is more powerful, economical and durable, than the M601, with substantially improved performance for takeoff in high temperature conditions and high altitudes cruising speeds.

Oleg Panteleev, Chief Editor at Aviaport Magazine, says the deal is a renewal of the partnership between GE and the Russian aviation industry.

“The Ministry of Transport has initiated a tender competition on the development of a middle size aircraft focused on Russian domestic civil services with an initial batch used at the Government Flying School. Tecknoavia was awarded with budget funds for construction of Rysachok aircraft. The airplane can be roughly compared with AN-2, known as Kykyryznik- an air jet used for agriculture needs and forest patrol. The new aircraft will be more comfortable, easy in service and common in operation to the well known L410, equipped with modernized engines. Previously used engines M601 have become obsolete and GE Aviation unit has come along with an offer to upgrade previously installed engines. Russia has no recent serial production of engines of that type, thus primary engine supply contracts with Czech factory, later purchased by GE Aviation received new round relationships.”

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