Terrorists blow themselves up before terror attack

Investigation has sparked a new light on a mysterious blast in central Russia that killed two in June 2011.

Back then, two men were ripped to pieces by a powerful explosion 200 meters from the Trans-Siberian railway in the Kirov Region.

Investigators say it looks like a failed terrorist bomb attack – police suspect the men were intending to blow up the famous railroad.

Eight kilograms of TNT went off in the suspects’ hands. Camouflage gear and a hand gun were also found near the site of the explosion.

The investigation into the blast is ongoing. The supposed terrorists have still not been identified, and their remains are undergoing forensic examination.

Russian trains have long been among terrorists’ beloved targets. The country’s deadliest derailment, that of the famous Nevsky Express, killed 28 people and injured 92 (2009). Caucasian warlord Doku Umarov claimed responsibility for the explosion.

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