Texas may allow handguns on college campuses

The Texas State House is set to vote on a bill to allow guns on college campuses. Students, faculty or any other individuals with permits would be allowed to carry.

Introduced by Republican Rep. Joe Driver, House Bill 750 grant holders of concealed-handgun permits the right to carry their weapons in campus buildings, but not into churches or campus athletic events.

The law would mandate that all public colleges and university comply. Private schools however would be able to opt-out

Most Republicans favor the bill, while many Democrats do not. Also in opposition to the bill are James Spaniolo, the president of the University of Texas at Arlington and the school’s student congress.

The ramifications of allowing an individual with a concealed handgun license to carry a weapon on campus would create dangerous situations and in essence, put faculty, staff, students and University guests in the line of fire,” read a statement from the school.

Police groups throughout the state have also warned against the legislation, arguing it could increase violence.

Advocates in favor of the bill argued otherwise.

We’re basically fish in a barrel,” said W. Scott Lewis who represents the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. “This is about changing the odds.”

A similar bill failed in Texas in 2009. This time around its chances of passing have increased.

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