The bird has flown

A large African bird that cannot fly but can run like the wind has proved its phenomenal sprinting skills by escaping from a circus in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Russia’s Far East.

­The albino ostrich, on tour in Kamchatka with the Anastasia circus, managed to escape from his pound after a worker forgot to lock the door to the aviary.

The resourceful bird had the presence of mind to recruit an accomplice. However the second ostrich was found wandering close to the circus the next morning.  

Nobody knows how far the liberated ostrich might get on its odyssey around the city, given that the bird can run at over 70 kilometers per hour.

“We posted an announcement in local media asking residents to help find the albino ostrich. It also says that one shouldn’t come close to the bird in order to catch it. An ostrich is a very silly and aggressive bird that can maim a person,” a circus administrator told Interfax news agency.

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