The Daily Beast Keeps Printing Rabid Neocon Propaganda About Russia

“And the big news in Neocon panic land is that Russia might at last do something to help its fading Levantine allies, the Alawite-Syrian Ba’ath, against the inland Sunni who’ve been backed fulltime by Erdogan and his red-state inland voters. 

There’s absolutely nothing surprising, or scary, or new about Russia backing an old ally like Assad, but it hit the big time in the US media, where a total lack of literary talent is apparently the secret of a lucrative career. Case in point, the first paragraph of a Daily Beast story by Michael Weiss, neocon stooge:

“The end of summer. It means back-to-school shopping, tearfully ended beach-borne romances, Labor Day barbecues—and, it would seem, the increased likelihood of new Russian adventurism.”

Weiss must’ve done K-Mart ads before breaking into the journo biz. This could go on Roseanne reruns no questions asked: “Summer’s almost over! Time for the kids to head back to school! And, of course, for more Russian adventurism, now on sale at a K-Mart near you!”

(And speaking of Weiss’s summer silliness, in May of this year he boldly predicted, “Putin Invasion Coming This Summer”. In Ukraine. Ah well, that’s why Weiss gets paid the big neocon bucks.) 

Of course the US, Saudi, UAE, Jordanian, Israeli, and British air forces have been blasting anything that moved in Syria for years, but that’s not “adventurism.” Adventurism is when Putin does it. 

Can’t lie, though; I enjoy having dummies like Michael Weiss around. They can have the money and the offices. I’ll take the pure joy of knowing they’ll be around to kick for years, sweet years, to come.”

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