‘The war on terror has become an ultimate slogan’

The war on terror will go down in history as the ultimate pretext for whatever the United States government wants to do, says Brian Becker from the anti-war ANSWER coalition, based in Washington DC.

­When back in 2009 America was choosing its next president, people voted not only for a new person to sit in the White House, but for a new era to come. Yet most burning issues are still hot on the agenda of the nation.

“Yet we see Guantanamo still open, the occupation forces in Iraq are being continued under Obama, the number of American troops doubled and trebled in Afghanistan, there is a war in Libya and thousands have died because of the increasing attacks in Pakistan,” says Becker, naming just a few.

“What we see now is an institutionalization of everything that started before 9/11 but accelerated – the tendency towards militarism, war, occupation, intervention, tortures, blackhole prisons. All of these have become institutionalized, in spite of whoever is at the White House and it doesn’t matter now if it is a Democrat or a Republican,” Becker concluded.

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