Thieves Stole Car While Owner Rescues Drowning Woman

Unidentified thieves have stolen a luxury Audi Q7 crossover while its owner was rescuing a drowning woman from a tributary of the Moscow River, as her husband drowned, the Moscow police press service said.

The incident took place late on Monday in an eastern district of Moscow. A woman was driving a Volvo with her husband when she lost control and it fell into Yauza (a tributary of the Moskva River).

An entrepreneur in an Audi Q7 was driving by at the time and saw the incident. He pulled over and immediately left his vehicle to help the people. “However, he forgot to lock his car and unidentified persons stole it,” police spokeswoman Tatyana Petrova said.

The businessman managed to help save the woman but her husband drowned. The Audi is valued at 2.9 million rubles ($88,500).


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