Third of Russians Approve of Euthanasia

The Russian populace is evenly split on euthanasia, with one-third approving of the practice, one-third thinking it unacceptable and most of the rest are unaware of the concept, according to a new poll published by state-run Public Opinion Foundation.

Thirty-two percent of respondents said they believed euthanasia could be introduced in Russia, while the same amount of people polled said it should not be allowed, the pollster said on its website. The remaining 36 percent had no opinion on the matter.

Twenty percent of the respondents said they have never heard of euthanasia before the poll, the report, which was released on Tuesday, said.

Supporters of euthanasia were most prominent among people with a monthly income of 20,000 rubles ($600), constituting 47 percent of those polled, and the so-called People-21, or the financially independent and technologically savvy Russians (46 percent).

Opponents of assisted death were concentrated primarily in localities with a population of under 50,000, where they constituted 40 percent of all respondents.

The poll by Public Opinion Foundation covered 1,500 respondents nationwide and was held in late May. It did not specify the margin of error.

Various forms of euthanasia or assisted suicide are legalized in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland and three U.S. states, but Russian legislation considers it attenuated killing.


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