Three reasons why Klitschko still wants to fight Povetkin

Heavyweight Superchampion Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine has named three reasons why he wants to fight Russian Aleksander Povetkin.

­After two matches between them were called off, Klitschko still hopes to meet 32-year-old Povetkin in the ring.

“I want to have a fight with Povetkin. Aleksander is a WBA Champion. And whom should I clash with if not champions? And then he is very skilled boxer, hasn’t yet lost any battle. Also he is 2004 Olympic Champion. A duel of two Olympic Champions is especially great, it is interesting! I hope we can pull off the fight. I am ready – now it’s just down to Povetkin and his team,” Klitschko told Sovetsky Sport newspaper.

“I wish Povetkin luck in his upcoming fights – each victory will bring him closer to a clash with me. We missed two chances and I hope it will be third time lucky,” he added.

Meanwhile, Klitschko Jr. is getting ready for a bout with 39-year-old Frenchman Jean-Marc Mormeck on December 10.

Povetkin’s next fight is scheduled for either 3 or 17 December. American Hasim Rahman is likely to be his  opponent.

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