Tourists warned to stay out of water in Russia’s Far East after shark attacks

Tourists at Russia’s Far Eastern Marine Reserve near Telyakovsky Bay have been warned about the danger of sharks after shark attacks on swimmers this week, the reserve’s director Andrei Malyutin said on Friday.

“Because of the situation with marine predators, the inspectors of our reserve will be watching closely for tourists and take a written note from them that they have been warned about the danger,” Malyutin said.

The administration of the Far Eastern Primorye Territory issued a temporary ban on swimming in the sea on Thursday due to presence of man-eating sharks along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

On Thursday, a shark attacked a 16-year-old boy near Zheltukhin Island. The teenager suffered injuries to his legs and was taken to a hospital in Vladivostok.

On Wednesday afternoon, a 25-year-old man lost both arms in a shark attack in Telyakovsky Bay near the village of Vityaz in the Far Eastern Primorye Territory.

Far Eastern Primorye authorities set up an emergency response team on Friday to find and kill the shark, a regional administration spokesman said.

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