Truth Takes a Back Seat to Profiteering in West’s Drive to Demonize Russia

Sanctions against Russia are damaging the economies of many EU Countries, but “that doesn’t matter,” according to the Mainstream Media. The myth is “the West” must be continued, at all costs; thus, truth, or even the perception of it, must be sacrificed.

In a recent article by Italian newspaper La Stampa, “The firmness needed with Russia”, about the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Renzi to Moscow, journalist Stefano Stefanini calls to arms. He has no doubts. Everything is certain. We are the good guys.

“Italy is friend with Russia, but they are objectively divided by their respective camps,” “The tensions are all Putin’s fault,” and “This new cold war is provoked by the Kremlin” are only mild examples of the traditional anti-Russia stance by the newspaper based in Turin, which usually, in other days, is far more aggressive and biased against the Bear. The recurring theme of “the EU is united” is not missing, as you may expect. But nothing is further from the truth.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the plutocracy has gone on a rampage, hoarding all World’s resources with predatory style. The consensus has been ensured through the media, and although internet may challenge that (but so far the web has substantially failed in doing so), the plutocracy has the skills, the means and, especially, the opportunism to overcome any threat from alternative media, at least in the near future.

We don’t need to look far. The owners of La Stampa, the Agnelli-Elkann family, offer a perfect example. They have profited cynically from both World Wars, providing cars, machinery and weaponry to the Italian State; they were instrumental in the rise of the fascist dictatorship led by Benito Mussolini.  Finally, as soon as that regime was over, they turned immediately into USA’s best Italian friends. So, it’s not strange that now UK and USA are gaining from these sanctions, increasing trade with Russia while Continental Europe loses a consistent slice of the pie. The Agnelli-Elkann family, whose car company FCA has received substantial subsidies from their friend Obama, who is part of the “EU united under the UK-USA’s umbrella” camp, known by many as “The West.”

However, recently I have noticed that the Agnellis, through their stooge La Stampa paper, are softening their position against Russia. They see NATO is losing, they understand the EU is far from united and are sneakingly preparing for a new change of colour. Money is serious business, after all. Forget about “firmness.” No morality or coherence is allowed.

All this teaches us a few lessons to Alternative Media. Truth is out there; we don’t need to invent it. Also, we should stay away from the vulgar hooliganism of the dichotomy “good vs evil.” Amongst plutocrats, opportunism is endemic; in our quest for truth, we shouldn’t imitate the over-simplifications of MSM, which present current events under the gross geopolitical spectrum of “Nations against Nations.”

The truth is out there, and we have a perception of it. It may be an imprecise one, but all we can do is stick to it, and report what we feel about it. No outright lies allowed.

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