Turkey issues new warnings to Syria

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July 21 I bought a shotgun a pistol for home protection, but if Assad’s bastards assault Aleppo, I’m getting rifles fighting them

July 23 In a BBC interview Ed Dark was optimistic that Aleppo was “gradually slipping away from the regime” and accepted the fighting as “part of the price people have to pay for getting their freedom back.”

All that was before the big SAA reinforcements arrived and all hell broke loose over Aleppo.

By July 28 he realized,
consensus in Aleppo is FSA is making a mistake by holding neighborhoods. just causes death, destruction suffering for no discernible gain.

the FSA in Aleppo is in no shape to hold the city. it’s outnumbered and outgunned by regime forces. just Self destruction needless killing

the Syrian crisis can only be solved by a military intervention or a power-sharing compromise, and neither is happening

if regime falls what will take its place? competing armed battalions? chaos? a break up of the country?
honestly, Syrians are stuck between a brutal repressive regime, and an incompetent divided opposition. The rest of the world doesn’t care

Aug 7
what use is toppling the regime after you’ve destroyed and fractured the country?
FSA mostly impoverished youths with anger revenge on their minds, or ideological Islamists. not nation building material

the FSA has taken the revolution hostage, if it f***s up, which its doing, the revolution fails

Aug 10 there is always room for compromise, because the alternative to it is too grim to think about. we basically have no choice anymore

Sept 10 ppl suppose that because I dare criticize expose the crimes of armed rebels I must be a regime goon. where were u when I was protesting???

that’s because I’m now seeing FSA crimes and the misinformation about them first hand. would u prefer I shut up about them?

yes, the only resolution to the Syrian conflict is through dialogue and diplomacy, everyone and his dog has already said so

FSA rebels are executing prisoners which is a war crime. today they executed 20 soldiers. of course “activists” keep quiet about it #Syria

Sept 12 our incapacity to debate and express different opinions without fighting is what brought Syrians into this mess

I was there 8 p.m tonight in Forqan. they detest FSA which has destroyed their homes, its called a backlash
as an armored convoy passed by the Uni dorms inhabited by the displaced in Aleppo, they started cheering for the regime against the rebels

You know how much I hate Gaddafi Bashar? That’s how much I hate the extremists now. They are not Islam. They are the enemies of Islam.

They claim to be protectors of Islam when in fact they rear their heads as the worst catastrophe that can ever befall Islam Muslims.

Sept 17 if we knew when we started our peaceful revolution for change, that it’d be hijacked by Islamist militants we wouldn’t have started #Syria

the same s**t head backward fundamentalist Islamists who attacked western embassies across the Arab world r now being armed sent to #Syria

FSA f*****s blew up the historic 700 year old gates with explosives to “liberate” it
rebels attacked checkpoint just down the road from my house. the f*****s rained mortars all over our neighborhood, that’s a WAR CRIME #Syria

Sept. 19 we want our freedoms and rights back, we want to change the regime, but we don’t want to replace it with extremists and Al Qaeda

Islamist radicals clerics are very adept at hijacking revolutions, as u saw ( remember Iran?)

civil guard has been distributing water via trucks to most areas in Aleppo, people filling up via containers
been home without water for 3 days because some rebel commander ass***e thought it would be fun to sabotage the water supply Aleppo #Syria

Sept 20 if you fight Assad with force, he wins, you lose. the country gets destroyed.
we vote Assad out in UN monitored elections, it has happened in other countries before.
we should learn from the other non-violent movements from the last century …time, will patience will get us our freedom

both sides stop violence, and negotiate a power sharing transitional period leading to UN monitored elections, that’s the plan

FSA in #Syria must renounce the foreign Islamic Jihadists fighting in the country distance themselves from them in order not to be tainted

Syrians of all political persuasions must renounce violence, put the past behind them work together to build a new, free democratic #Syria

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