TV: Excellent New RT Documentary About Information Wars by Miguel Santiago (Video)

Miguel Santiago, and American filmmaker who makes great, innovative documentaries for RT, has a new one out about how information and media are used as a weapon in geopolitics.

Santiago gets great access to some of the most authoritative writers and thinkers about how information is being used, including General Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, and prize-winning US journalist Robert Parry of Iran-contra fame, and makes a very convincing case that the media have completely misrepresented events in Ukraine, Crimea, the shootdown of MH17, Iraq, Syria, and much else.

A lot of this material has been in the public space for a while, but Santiago very artfully weaves it together in a compelling and entertaining way, with a lot innovative filmmaking technique usually absent from this genre, which tends to be low-budget and coming from the alternative scene.

Much of the footage is from the US where Santiago traveled to speak to interviewees, but also Poland, Crimea, Donbas, and elsewhere.  

It is a great film to share with neophytes to these ideas, as it presents the most compelling facts in highly professional way, all within 1 hour.  

Hopefully it will get more people in the mainstream to wake up to the extremely dangerous situation which has developed in the mainstream media, which more than any single factor is leading the world to war.

Check out the trailer and the full documentary below:



Full entire film: (1 hour)


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