TV: Putin, the Greeks, and Academic Spies

I have a new theory. Or at least I have re-adopted the belief that decent human beings can in fact recognize the truth when they hear, see, or read it. Okay, call me naive if you will, but a speech by Britain’s UKIP leader Nigel Farage concerning Greece has breathed new life. And while I am at it, let me answer the budding world question; “Should Russia give the boot to agents intent on color revolutions there?” 

Before you watch Nigel tell it like it really is in Parliament via YouTube (below), please recall the last few days leading up to the Greece referendum on accepting Brussels’ ultimatum on financial bailout. Western mainstream media, including BBC and many others, essentially pulled out all the stops to try and sway the Greek vote (or stock forecasts) by reporting before the polls closed, “decision anybody’s guess” type headlines. Hours later, when Greek media reported a decisive “NO”, BBC and the others amended their headlines. To quote one of the articles at poll closing:

“Opinion polls released as voting ended suggested a slight lead for the ‘No’ vote.”

The follow ups to that article huffed and puffed about how the Greeks were “holding their breath” and so on. In fact the Greeks seem to have been holding their breath to tell Brussels and Berlin to FO, for a resounding “No, hell no” could be heard emanating from the Acropolis to the frolicking beaches of Crete. But most people know by now, the BBC is bought and paid for by some people who helped create the Greek problems in the first place. 

Life News interviewed me the other day about this very topic, and how much credence we should all give to Greece’s contention the Germans own them from World War II. The gist of my answer pointed a big finger at the UK and America, right along with Germany, where stolen gold bullion and economies are concerned. I won’t go into a history lesson here, but Germany ended up with half of Greece’s gold bullion in 1941, and the rest got absorbed into Britain’s treasury about 1945. Greece has, for all intents and purposes, been robbed blind since the start of the 20th century. And the robbery keeps on keeping on. Look it all up on Google, it’s there in black and white and color. If Greeks were looking for the golden fleece to the west, maybe follow Jason and the Argonauts course would have been better. 

Switching gears here, that rag of an information portal, The Daily Beast, now jumps on Vladimir Putin again about a supposed “Witch Hunt” for western spies in academia. Excuse me! My research so far indicates Putin should be on a spy hunt. I’ll get into that in a more in depth report later, but the CIA and GCHQ, all the embassies and diplomatic corps of America, Britain, Germany, France and the rest, are scurrying about Russia like idiotic Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Pink Panther films, performing everything from sabotage to corporate espionage. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? Mr. Putin’s Russia is as easy to mill around in as California these days. 

The latest “Beastly” piece from Newsweek’s Moscow agent, Anna Nemtsova, is standard anti-Putin ritual with a Pulitzer Center protege flair for sub-headlines: 

“The Russian president’s effort to stamp out Western influences is full of dangerous contradictions for scientists, students, and the future of Russia.” 

Meanwhile the level head of Mr. Putin’s press adjutant Dmitry Peskov is prevalent again. He was quoted as saying; “I hope things will change at some point. The trend of mixing politics and education is a dangerous one.” and I add, “Ain’t it the damned truth?” Peskov, the smartest of the lot in my book, cut to the bone with that one. Teachers have no business performing their proper propaganda duties on young minds anywhere, much less in a Russia assailed on every corner. I say; “What, do you think you are dealing with idiots?” 

To round out this latest moron attack of mine, a news media outlet I’ve worked with four or five years just discontinued overnight an entire blog/contributor community on account of this writer’s moderate stance on Russia. How’s that for Russian-American agents in the heat of a media war? Oh, and it’s not just me. I’ve got correspondence from dozens, a Forbes writer says he’s tired of the “bullying” and pressure to “adhere to the party line”, and there’s more, a lot more. 

BBC pulling strings and things to alter opinion and polls, Reuters interested in interesting vested interests, Newsweek and Daily Beast authors exuding quantitative and qualitative analysis with no proof? What’s a citizen journalist to do amid all this? Nemtsova pulls a professor who was at St. Petersburg State University out of the magic Russophobia hat. A Dr. Dmitry Dubrovsky who does double duty as a human rights activist and Washington think tank plebeian. Fired back in March from the university, the good doctor was Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellow in between Jan 2015 – Jul 2015. That endowment is part of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which is essentially a non-profit arm of the United States government since its institutionalizing. 

Spies like us

The President of the National Endowment for Democracy, Carl Gershman (pictured, second from the left), presents an award to a Tunisian leader of the Arab Spring in November 2011 (Wikipedia) 

Dubrovsky is one of hundreds of “fellows” at Woodrow Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute who the US State Department and other foreign policy instruments lean on for at best expert testimony, and at the worst various forms of what I would call “light espionage”. Of course I’ve not the resources (yet) to ascertain Dr. Dubrovsky’s role in any “questionable” activities, I’ll leave that to the powers in charge in Russia. My point here is the lack of any real proof either journalists, or these supposed inured parties provide.  

I’ll tell you this much, if Vladimir Putin did not recognize the internal threat to Russia via academia, I’d question his reputation as a KGB super-brain, or as a Russian leader who cares about his people. In the end we are at war in this world. It is not a world war like the one that ended in 1945, but the breadth and scope are not far off impact wise. The weapons have changed some, tanks and bombs often replaced by sanctions, economic “haircuts”, the leveraging of debt onto an already burdened society. In a very real way the big players in this game ignore the rest of us, save to demonstrate to get our professor back, to buck majority systems, or two tweet our the latest White House quasi-victory over an invisible foe who never harmed us. 

Vladimir Putin is hunting down spies, as well he should be. Greece is telling the Brussels puppets to go to hell, as well they should. And I am calling a tiny bit of attention to western operatives, that really should be called attention to before they become too dangerous. Oh my, I fear I am too late. Wait and read my “frustration theory” of destroying good. It’s a story about pitting friends against friends, and shutting the mouths of all truth speakers. 

If you think I am too harsh, read Dr. Dubrovsky’s “Undesirables” piece from May of this year. Then march over to the Department of Homeland Security to compare legislation and infringements of freedoms in America. My vote is Mr. Putin’s government gave fair warning based on Russia’s societal requirements. Remember, Moscow is not Washington. For me, warning “agents” that acting contrary to what’s good for the people is a more honest method than hiding behind phantom terror. The truth of Russia’s “desires” seems easy, while The Daily Beast and Newsweek just contend at it.

But then, this is an opinion piece.

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