TV: Trump Makes it Perfectly Clear: Build Friendly Relations With Russia (Video)

Last Wednesday’s Republican debate saw the likes of Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina raging against Valdimir Putin, calling him a ‘gangster’ and vowing to further isolate him while ramping up aggressive military activity on Russia’s borders and further arming the regime in Kiev. This was to be expected of course – especially from these two frothing neo-con wannabes. When Ms. Fiorina – the most rabid Russophobe in the field – was asked her opinion about Mr. Rubio, she replied, “He would make a good veep.”   

So it was again left solely to Donald Trump to speak sensibly about how to engage Mr. Putin, as well as other leaders of major nations. His policy of dialogue and diplomacy with the world’s largest nuclear superpower is clearly the best hope, not only for America, but for the rest of the world, especially when compared to the belligerent policies of his fellow ‘conservatives’. 


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