Two journalists killed in Homs

A Frenchman and an American woman have been killed in the Syrian city of Homs, during the 20th consecutive day of government bombardment of the flashpoint city.

A spokeswoman from the French government identified the two journalists as French photographer Remy Ochlik and American Marie Colvin, a reporter for British newspaper The Sunday Times.

The two were reportedly killed when shells fired by government tanks hit the house they were staying in during an early morning assault on the neighborhood of Bab Amr.

Opposition forces have also reported nine other people dead in Homs on Wednesday as a result of the government crackdown on the city.

Red Cross pushes for ceasefire

As tensions continue to mount in Syria there is a growing plea for humanitarian aid. UN general for humanitarian affairs Valerie Amos has called on both sides to allow aid groups access to the violence-torn areas.

The International Committee for the Red Cross has said that it is holding negotiations with representatives of the Syrian opposition in Geneva in an effort to call a daily two-hour ceasefire to deliver humanitarian aid to civilians.

Russia has voiced its support for the two-hour halt to the violence expressing concern for the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aleksandr Lukashevich said that Russia will use its contacts with both the government and the opposition to push for a humanitarian settlement. He also said Russian will send a special UN envoy to deliver aid to the country.

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