Two More People Leave Kremlin Rights Council

Two more members of the Kremlin’s human rights council have quit their posts, bringing the total number of those who left the advisory body to 15.

“I can no longer remain under the control of officials like [Kremlin deputy chief of staff Vyacheslav] Volodin, who do not respect the norms established by law and elementary morals in their relationships with free citizens,” wrote rights activist Valentin Gefter in a letter of resignation posted on the council’s website on Monday.

Soviet-era dissident and activist Boris Pustyntsev also gave notice.

Thirteen other members of the council, including Moscow Helsinki Group head Lyudmila Alexeyeva and Transparency International Russian director Elena Panfilova, have tendered their resignations since December’s disputed parliamentary elections.

Council head Mikhail Fedotov has said he would also resign if more than a half of the body’s members leave.

The council, which has fluctuated in size over the years, has had as many as 40 members.


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