Tyumen Prosecution Demands Money to Buy 107 year-old War Veteran Flat

A Tyumen court has backed the claim of a 107 year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War to funds to buy his own home. 

A disabled veteran of Great Patriotic War, 107 year-old Kapken Suleimanov who still does not have his own apartment appealed to the Omutinsky district prosecutor’s office.

Under the current legislation veterans of the Great Patriotic War, who need residential premises, have the right to receive social benefits from the federal budget. The prosecution office sent a claim to grant Suleimanov the appropriate amount and took the execution of court decisions under its control.

Kapken Suleimanov fought as a machine gunner in the Guards Division on the Second Ukrainian Front. He fought in Ukraine, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Germany and was wounded several times. Suleimanov was awarded the Order of Patriotic War for courage and other awards, Gazeta.Ru reported.


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