U.S. judge revokes bail for ex-Miss Russia

A former Russian semi-finalist in the Miss Universe beauty contest has been jailed in the United States for repeatedly arriving late for court hearings, U.S. media reported on Wednesday.

A judge has ordered Anna Malova, charged with forging drug prescriptions, to be held without bail at least until evaluations to determine whether she needs to undergo a drug treatment program are completed.

If her participation in the program is approved, she will receive treatment rather than go to jail for a 44-count indictment.

The judge also cited a recent shoplifting attempt by Malova as a reason for revoking the bail.

“She’s very upset,” The New York Post quoted Malova’s lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, as saying. “And she knows that she has a problem and she has been doing her very best to address it.”

Malova, 39, was arrested in February 2010 on charges of illegal drugs possession, forgery and impersonating a physician. She is suspected of stealing prescription sheets from her doctors in order to get access to Vicodin and Klonopin.

After being released on bail, she was caught stealing a pair of sandals valued at $135 and a hat for $10 at a Strawberry store in New York on April 28.

MOSCOW, May 4 (RIA Novosti)

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