"UK back to normal because of robust policing"

Tired of police not doing enough to keep London safe, the British public are taking to the streets to protect their neighborhoods from vandals. But as Loz Kaye from the UK Pirate Party told RT, vigilantism can only lead to further tension.

­“Things are getting back to normal, and that is only because of robust policing, which has been visible and has been working with the consent of the communities. Vigilantism can only lead to further tension. It is calm that we need in the streets,” he said.

According to Kaye, David Cameron’s announcement he was considering to shut off social networking is an unacceptable reaction to the riots.

“It is a further step towards censorship, and it is absolutely unacceptable. The most important thing is that it is not practicable,” he stated.

“The idea was to stop individuals inciting violence through social media, but there was no evidence social networks were ever used for that purpose,” maintained Kaye. “This would mean punishing the majority of the population for the actions of a minority,” he concluded.

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